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Our Community

Where Belonging Begins:

Triad Coordinated Services, Inc. is proud to be a small, family-like, community. With monthly events, regular team meetings, and an accessible staff, we pride ourselves on the ability for you to be known and seen. We hope to create an environment that promotes cultural awareness, sensitivity, and also fosters the dignified treatment of all persons. We are committed to providing Person Centered services and we believe that the pursuit of experiences and creative ideas leads to improvements that build for a better future. As we seek to build our community, we strive to work together in partnerships that lead towards potential. Subsequently, we believe that working together and communicating effectively help us achieve the shared goals of care and betterment and that our words and actions need to be in harmony to build trusting relationships. Ultimately, we believe in communities sharing their intent, beliefs, resources, preferences and needs for the sake and betterment of all. It is within this type of a community that we believe: belonging begins and partnerships for potential are created. Will you come be a part of our Triad Community?

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