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—  TCS Parent since 2005


"The TCS staff brings a gentle spirit to their work with my son that helps greatly with the
implementation of his behavior plan. His staff's consistency has made it possible for
him to do new and varied activities.
My child's life is truly enhanced by TCS staff."

Experience the Difference...

Triad Coordinated Services, Inc. prides itself in being thoroughly devoted to the highest quality of habilitative services. According to CARF, " The leadership of TCS embraces the importance of strategic planning focused on enhancing the persons' lives. The organization's visionary pursuits in fulfillment of its mission and its commitment to the delivery of services in an environment of ongoing performance improvement that directly benefits the persons served and community are impressive. The leadership team and staff members work hard and have noteworthy dedication to the provision of high-caliber services in a continually changing industry.  Family members of persons served indicated that they are exceptionally satisfied with and receive value from the services provided by TCS."

Client and Family Satisfaction Survey Results 2018:

  • I am generally pleased with the services offered by this agency – 100% agree 

  • I know who to contact when I have questions/concerns – 100% agree 

  • My phone calls are promptly returned – 98% agree 

  • This agency hires competent and caring individuals to work with consumers – 98% agree 

  • Service providers are dependable and timely – 98% agree 

  • Information related to the consumer is kept confidential – 100% agree 

  • The services provided by this agency are valuable – 100% agree 

  • Consumer rights are respected and protected – 100% agree 

  • I would recommend this agency to my friends/colleagues – 99% agree 

  • I believe TCS is sensitive to and shows respect for the cultural and ethnic diversity of its clients and staff – 99% agree 

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